We are one of the best real estate companies for investors.

Do you want to know why?

Because we were investors in 2011, and then we started a full-service real estate company in 2016. We’ve flipped houses, we’ve developed land, we wholesale, and we’ve bought rentals. We’re actively involved in large commercial projects, including:


RV Parks


15-30 lot divisions.

We’ve been teaching investor classes since 2017.

And now we’ve brought all those classes together into what we call Investor Basic Training.

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A guide is the best way to get into real estate investing.

We are that guide for you.

We have everything you need, from resources to the road map to successful investing.


All investors, no matter how much experience they have, need a real estate agent who understand everything involved in investing. The agents at Operation Red Dot are trained to serve you better.

Ready for that first step?

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